Renting a Room in Luxembourg

Luxembourg has the only Grand Duchy remaining in the world and is a powerhouse of politics and economies. Compared to other European countries, it has a high standard of living, but it is also one of the smallest countries and can barely contain the number of people trying to get in.

This can make it stressful for you to rent a room in Luxembourg when you don’t know how to go about it. This will tell you what you need to know about renting in Luxembourg.

Flat-shares are cheaper and easier to find

The cost of renting in Luxembourg is one of the most expensive in Europe. If you’re looking to rent a private room, you might end up spending up to 40% of your monthly income on rent. This is why flat-sharing is becoming more popular nowadays among young professionals and foreigners that are attracted to the city’s financial sector. Several sites link you shared homes and rooms in and around the city.

Most rooms are unfurnished

When searching for accommodation, you should also search for furniture because most of them come empty. If you want an already furnished room, be prepared to pay a significantly higher rent and a utility bill or a shared room or a place far away from the city center. Also, these furnished places are usually available for short-term rentals.

Large furnished room with balcony to rent in Kirchberg

You have to buy a home and property insurance

As a tenant, you are mandated to acquire home and property insurance. This is to protect you from theft, any damage or loss caused by natural disasters and occurrences beyond your control. This is non-negotiable and is usually included in the lease.

You have to draw up a contract with the landlord

To protect your rights as a tenant, you have to draw up a tenancy agreement with your landlord. This covers any agreements involving bills, utilities, and maintenance. You are usually expected to contribute to them, or they can be included in your rent.

Ensure to go through all the details of the lease and don’t hesitate to carry a translator along if you don’t understand the language. You will be required to show a means of identification and some basic details regarding your employment status, income, and work permit. Some landlords even request for references from previous landlords.

If you get an already furnished place, you will be requested to make and sign an inventory listing the properties contained in the room before you move in. A deposit of 3 months’ rent will be paid either directly to your landlord, or an account accessible by neither of you until the duration of your stay is completed. If you don’t compromise the agreements of your lease or the inventory, you get your deposit back.

Luxembourg’s tenancy rights favor the tenant

The government of Luxembourg regulates the laws of tenancy, and it usually favors the tenant more. Landlords can decide the general rules and agreements, but once you become a tenant, you cannot be evicted without notice, neither can your rent be increased without approval from the regulatory bodies. Before you rent a room in Luxembourg, it is advisable to know your rights as a tenant.