How To Audit Your Home’s Energy

You can save energy and money if you can find out how much energy you’re already using.  Here are some do-it-yourself tips on how to audit the energy you use at home.

1. Know your energy bills.  Compare heating and cooling bills by month and remember why there is an increase in your energy bills.  Call customer service and ask more information regarding your energy bills.

2. Locate leaks because they can sap home energy efficiency by 5%-30%.  Take a close look at places where two different building materials meet like corners and around chimneys.  Any gaps or holes should be plugged and/or caulked.  Also check if your home is properly insulated.

3. Reduce energy loads by examining heating and cooling equipment.  Check to see if your furnace filters are dirty and check the coils for centralized air conditioning.

4. Identify your appliances that may be costing you a lot of money on energy bills and find a way to cut it down.  Buy or borrow a Kill A Watt Electric Usage Monitor to show you how much your appliances costs to operate.

5. When your appliances are still plug on even though it isn’t on, it could still draw power.  So always remember to unplug any unused devices in your home.

6. Swap high-wattage bulbs for energy efficient ones like compact fluorescent light bulbs.

7. After you have made changes in your home, revisit your audit steps in a month or two and compare your energy bills.